Make my scope to be small

Alhamdullillah this morning at the end of this week I can write again for my progress FYP.

After get in touch with my supervisor, Cik D, she suggest and advice me to not propose very technical topic.

Scalability is really big issue. Previously I also check myself, who is very small to do that topic. My coordinator and Miss D said the same thing. “That is the PhD project’. Huh, now I have to revise back the problem at the JANM.

May be I need to look at the factor caused that problem there. I think, I should suggest any design for a business model. Maybe it is easier than suggesting some kind technical improvement on the technical part. Hmm, Ya Allah. Please open my heart and my soul to focus into the thing that I can commit later on.

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Embedded principle elements into methodology- Different between them

Today, I was compare my research background that I have done in my first chapter and what was explained by Puan Sue. So, I realized that I was misunderstanding between methodology and principle.

My topics that I proposed in Chapter 1, thought I need to change it in terms of wrong focus.

I think, my focus should compile together the Service-Oriented Design and Service Oriented Architecture in order to make Scalable Enterprise System.

It is because SOA is an architectural style in order to design appropriate scalable system, and SOD is the methodology specific for design services.

Hmm, hopefully whatever comment from Puan Sue about my submitted Chap 1 just now, it will drive myself into better understanding.

Now, I want to get the deepest understanding about different between principle, techniques and methodology.

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hotel to JANM

yesterday 4th Nov, 2011, Iwent to Putrajaya to conduct one interview session with En Aswad, Puan Xairyani, and En Zaidi, the person who incharge in Jab. Akauntan Negara Malaysia (JANM). This interview purpose is to know the business process in the organization and also concentrate on the enterprise system there.

Yeah, I have done interview session with hotel representative previously (Equatorial Hotel) but I still cannot match the problem happen there and the research that now I am concentrating on. Huh, so upset.

Alhamdulillah, after 1 and half hours having interview with JANM persons, I think my purpose seems like to be pin point to its target.

Now, I have to sacrifice my mid term break in order to spent my time for FYP proposal. frankly speaking, i really excited to do this. but, all the ujian sometimes make me moral down.

So, insyaAllah, next week I will come out with chap 1 clearly rather than before this.

hemmm, whatever, I believe this is the stand point for me to success in my life.

FYP!!! let me do the best towards you.

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first presentation

alhamdulillah. comment dr ariza membuatkan pandangan aku lebih jelas terhadap apa yg aku nk buat. insyaallah, pasni aku kna p hotel untuk ensure enterprise system problem then, tulis semula problem statement n research background yg lebih jelas.

pukul 11.00 am, met Cik Diana, discuss ttg journal.

Pukul 2.00am (14/10/2011)  aku start cari bahan lagi untuk FYP projek.

Try send email pd hotel lain sbg alternative kot2 klu dynasty hotel tiba2 xbg aku buat research kat c2.

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Terima kasih Tuhan

today already 7th oct 2011. If I’m not mistaken, this is the week 4 for this semester. WOW!!! so fast. two days ago, I was checking the check list what are the things missing. Alhamdullah, syukran Ya Rabb. Even though there is not my original idea but I still satisfied with the project title that was recommended to me. Thanks a lot Cik D. Hopefully, you will always blessed by our Allah.

SERVICE PROCESS DESIGN… look into the scope of Enterprise System. I had mentioned Cik D that I want to do research specifically regarding to this title at Hotel Industry. That is my boundary.

Until now, I still read journal in order to put myself in the right boundary. Everyday, I target to know at least 5 meaning of whatever term that I found in the related journal. Haiya, so pening kepala and as usual, i still have bit confuse regarding to the term itself. The more I read, the more confuses in my mind. HMMMMMM….

Never mind, now I should put more effort in order to fall in love in whatever I do now.

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